Saturday, December 17, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS!

Bobby let me put the Christmas tree up the weekend before Thanksgiving after I begged him for the majority of November.  I completely changed the tree this year to mercury glass, German glitter ornaments and just a touch of red.  It's my favorite tree ever!  

Ella loves to roll to it and touch the branches.  We turn on all of lights every morning and she giggles as soon as it lights up.  We may have to make her a mini tree for her room next year :)

We have a lot on the calendar over the next couple weeks and we started off with lunch with pretty Julie.  Julie and Kyle are going to have the cutest little hipster baby whenever they decide to expand their fam.  Ella can't wait for more little friends.   

We spent last weekend in Austin for my cousin Amanda's wedding and Turner Christmas.  It was a freaking monsoon the entire drive there, but Ella did great.  The rain and traffic delayed us about 2 hours so we missed the ceremony but made it just in time for the beginning of the reception.

Ella and the beautiful bride

We try to squeeze as much family in as possible when we make it down to Austin/Elgin/Hutto so we met my dad for lunch on Saturday morning.  He brought Ella lots of new little toys and promised to buy her a pony one day!  We headed to Aunt Kathy's house for the madness that is Turner Christmas.  I have a ton of cousins and the majority of them that are around my age had babies this year.  This is the best we could do to get a picture of all of them:

Twinsies on the ends, Devin and Daniel, Max, Ella, Pistol and Wyatt
Ella's future bodyguards!

Lunch with my dad - we still haven't decided on a name for him yet...

New Toys!

Cousin Katie

Cousin Terry

Ella had a great time playing with all of the babies - I am definitely going to have to get her in a play group soon!  Aunt Kathy got her a new play table that she is obsessed with.  I have a feeling her toy collection is about to explode all over my house!

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