Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ella Grows!! 7 Months!!

I am way late on this one so I will just show you how stinkin cute this little nugget is and what she has been up to the last month.

None.  Girlfriend drools a ton, but no teefies yet.

Favorites:  pears, apples, green beans, squash, sweet potatoes, prunes, mangos. She loves oatmeal mixed with apples or pears and scarfs down her dinner every night.
Not So Favorites: peas and avocado (proof below)

She hated it but loved it when I mixed up some guacamole with her leftovers.  Weird.

Awesome Stuff Ella is Doing Now: 
Rolling - all over the place.  Seriously.  She can get across the entire living room in about 5 seconds.  Momma needs to childproof this place ASAP!   Ella has become much more vocal and loves to laugh and mimic sounds that we make.  She is sitting with support but lunges at anything nearby as soon as we stop supporting her.  She's very curious about everything around her.  She is a major flirt and squawks at people we pass in the store if they don't acknowledge her.  She is the happiest baby I've ever seen!

Girl loves her schedule and she gets fussy when we do something she isn't expecting. She naps easily in her swing (it broke so it doesn't swing, but I think she just likes she snuggle factor) and goes to bed easily without a peep every night.  Love her!  I need to work on getting her to nap in her crib this month.

Ella still loves swinging and hanging out with her best bud, Reesie

and being mischievous while Mommy is in the shower...

and hanging out nekkid with her kitties!

Ella also had her first trip to IKEA and we took full advantage of taking pictures of her doing funny stuff!

Happy 7 months my little chunky monkey!

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