Thursday, December 15, 2011

Catching Up

Ooops - Looks like I missed an entire month on the bloggity blog.  Miss E has been a super busy girl.  Let's get started!


The bug was the cutest little lamb you ever did see.  Zoe and Reese had a super fun party and Ella definitely would have won the costume contest if there was one :)

Ella and Reese are BFFs and they love to kiss.  Reese knows about 15 words and Ella just happens to be one of them! Ella's costume was super hot so we had to take it off half way through the party.  It should not be 85 degrees on Halloween.

Ella met her new friend, Alex, and he let her play with all of his fancy toys.  She had to wear her scary skeleton outfit to impress him (he could be her boyfriend one day!!).

Failed Photoshoots

Whit and I had the fabulous idea that we would get the girls all dressed up and play mommy photographer in the park for our Christmas cards.  Zoe and Reese cooperated for a couple good shots, but Ella was having none of it.  This is what most of our pictures looked like...

I tried again when she got up from her nap in the front yard, but Bobby thought she looked a little too jolly for the card.

Hanging Out With Momma!

Coming up next:  THANKSGIVING!

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  1. Oh my gosh... I hadn't seen some of these posts!!! The pics from our Xmas photo shoot is so freaking hilarious!! I like how we keep failing, but continue to have photo shoots! We are getting better, though.