Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend Recap...A Little Late

OOOPS...I wrote this last weekend and I forgot to post it! Just pretend like it is last Monday.  Enjoy!

It was a great weekend here at the DiFulgentiz casa.  Grandma and Grandpa D came to visit on Friday night.  Ella was a pill, but I still managed to get a couple shots of them together.

Poor E was tired, hungry and overwhelmed by everyone staring at her and had a complete meltdown.  Huge crocodile tears, sniffling, flailing arms...the whole nine yards. She even screamed through her whole bath and jammie time. So sad.  Grammie took over and put the bug to bed while we went to Grandma D's favorite restaurant, Capital Grille, with the Kennedy's. The food and wine was amazing!! Bobby had the best ribeye that I have ever had and I surprisingly loved the calamari (not the tentacle ones though).  Delicious!

Grandma D brought Ella some fabulous new clothes and Kathy got her leopard ballet flats with sparkly bows!  E will be modeling them soon!

We took a nap on Saturday morning and snuggled with this little muffin and then headed to Gloria's for brunch on the patio.

Ella was wearing her Rangers gear, but I knew this outfit wouldn't last all day.  I swear she changes clothes at least three times a day.  Her Rangers spirit worked, but outfit #2 (Longhorn onesie) didn't help our poor horns.

Aunt Kathy, Uncle Bob and cousin Terry drove their motorcycles to Grammie and Pop's house, so we had to have Ella's first Harley photoshoot.   She liked sitting on them but started screaming when they revved the engines.

The badass bike gang!  

There they go!  Uncle Bob was not wearing a helmet...we will have a talk about that later!

Cowboys are on now and are tied with Mr. Brady's team.  The hubs will be in an awesome mood all week if they can win this one!!  

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