Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ella Grows!! 5 Months!!

Ella is a crazy little baby and already 5 months old!  I think she weighs about 14.5lbs now and still has a collection of arm rolls and thunder thighs.  She loves to giggle at funny sounds, read books, chat with daddy and pet/pull Chloe's fur.  She is very aware of the cats now and will squeal when she sees one of them and lunge forward to touch.  The girl rolls and rolls and rolls.  I can't put her on the couch or the bed at all anymore because she is a quick little stinker.  I bought a playmat for the wood floor in the living room, but she is usually like this within a couple minutes:

We tried cereal one time, but it didn't go over so well.  She would rather spit it all back out and chew on her bib.  We'll try again next week and see if she has changed her mind.  

We aren't melting anymore, so we have been going on more walks to the park.  She loves to swing and slide on the playground and watch the big kids during recess.  
I miss recess. 

I know it is mean to take pictures of my child like this, but I couldn't help it.  She scooted down and got her head stuck between these two pillows.  She freaked out - hilarious!

Delicious feet...

I love all of her little noises, so we regularly have conversations like this. 

With her new purse from Cousin Lisa

I have a feeling that month six is going to be really fun with lots of new things for Miss E.  I hope sitting is in her near future. 

Here's a little recap of her monthly pictures so far!  

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