Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Busy Little Lady

Miss E had a busy week!  First up...her first football game!  Austin plays running back for his 8th grade football team and we went to watch him whoop some booty.  Unfortunately, Bub hurt his back and the final score ended up 0-0.  Ella had a fabulous time and couldn't keep her eyes off the action.

Austin is #25

Another exciting happening...ELLA FOUND HER FEET!  Super fun!

Ella is also 100% swaddle free now.  Such a big girl! This is how she typically greets us in the morning.  Goof.

Ella doesn't cry much, but she can go from happy to angry in about 5 seconds as demonstrated below:

We also went to Miss Reese's house to play and see Zoe's new room.  Whit is working hard to get all THREE kids's rooms ready before Bryce's arrival.  Reesie and Ella had a photo shoot on Zoe's new bed - aren't they they the cutest little friends ever!?!  Reese is very attentive and likes to give Ella her paci and poke her face.

Bobby and I went to the Rangers game with Mike and Tara on Friday and we had lots of fun except for the losing part.  Grammie took care of the E at our house in the dark - no electricity for 2 hours!!

It's one of Bobby's favorite weeks of the year... TX/OU!!!  Ella is going to wear a longhorn outfit every day this week to celebrate!  Let's say a little prayer that Case and Ash can pull this off this weekend! 

Happy TX/OU Week everyone!

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