Monday, October 10, 2011

Sad Little Longhorn

The game wasn't quite what we expected, but we still love our longhorns just the same.  We don't like to lose, but the Rangers win made up for it a little bit.

Poor baby was upset 
We obviously can't take a baby to a bar, so we brought the party to our house.  Ella had a blast playing with Brittnee, Kelly and all of her boyfriends.  Babies look real good on both of these ladies.  Hmmm... I think they should make Ella some friends soon :)

Ella showed everyone her toys and practiced her "hook 'em"

Her new favorite toy...feet

...and Daddy too!

It was also Grammie's birthday on Saturday.  I think she turned 39 again...

After TX/OU, Bobby met up with the boys for the Rangers game and then this happened:

Yikes!  I felt really bad for them, but they stayed through all of the delays and finally made it home around 1:30am.  Ella and Bobby were both pretty wiped from all of the weekend festivities and spent Sunday like this:

Baby girl loves to watch football with her daddy. 

Today we met up with Elizabeth and my favorite Red Raider (other than Brittnee).  I met my little neighbor Emily for the first time when she was about Ella's age and I was in 5th grade. I can't believe that she is already in college and such a gorgeous girl.  I feel old.  Ella absolutely adored Emily and snuggled with her the whole time.  Such sweet girls!

As you can see, Ella wore pants today!  I think babies look so funny with pants on - like little people.  So cute!  I scored this pair for $2.97 at babyGap last week.  I hope it gets colder fast so she can wear all of her cute Fall stuff.  

In other news:  Lola stopped pooping on the floor!  Praise the LORD!!!  I guess she was just tired of sharing her litter box with Chloe after 7 years.  Weird. 

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