Monday, August 29, 2011

Jumpy, Jumpy, Jumpy, Jumpy

Ella loves her jumparoo so much and mommy loves that she will sit in it for 30 minutes and play all by herself!  I thought she was getting bored on the playmat so I made Bobby put this together a couple months early.  She isn't tall enough to touch the ground yet so I put a pillow under her so she has something to jump on.

The light up lion is her definitely her favorite but she has started reaching for the other toys too.  

The music and lights are motion activated so it startles her when its comes alive after being off for a couple minutes.  HA!  She wildly flaps her arms and starts banging on it when I say jumpy, jumpy, jumpy, jumpy.  Nerd. 

And then this is the face that I get when she is ready to get out.   Usually a jump session is quickly followed by a nap.  It's a tough workout! 

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