Thursday, September 1, 2011


My cousin is having a baby boy so Grammie and I packed up the nugget and drove to Hutto for the baby shower.  I had tons of fun shopping for Sandy and the new baby and bought her some stuff that Ella really loves even though it wasn't on her registry.  Ooops!  She can take it back if little Wyatt or William (they haven't decided on a name) doesn't need it. Ella did really well on the drive down and we only had to stop once to feed her.  She screamed when I put her back in the carseat but it only lasted a couple minutes.

I have a ginormous family and Ella got to meet them all!

Mason and Ella

Great Aunt Net, Avery and Ella 

Emily and E

Erin's new addition, Baby Max!  He borrowed Ella's playmate and LOVED it!

Sweet Avery and Hailey

Ella slept great in her pack and play even though Grammie was snoring the whole night!  We were able to meet up with with my dad on Sunday and then headed home.  We stopped for lunch at Lone Star Cafe in Hillsboro and Ella had to watch a couple make out the whole time at their table while she was eating.  She better never do that or her daddy will have to kick some booty!

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