Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ella Grows!! 8 Months!!

Baby girl is 8 months old!!  I can't even believe how fast time is flying.  I wish I could press pause and keep her tiny forever, but I am obsessed with the little person she is becoming.  She is hilarious with a spunky personality and is laughing most of the day. She has sweet snuggle moments and adores her daddy. 

Taking her monthly picture is getting more and more difficult.  Proof:

ONE!!! and one more on the way. I feel like this little tooth tried to pop through for weeks and I am so glad it finally cut through. The drool has almost stopped, but I know it will pick back up as soon as the next one is ready.

Mommy and Ella at Zoe's 4th birthday party
She is still loving almost everything except for avocado and peas. She is doing a great job with her sippy cup and we are starting cheerios and tiny vegetables next week!

Ella has been making this funny face when she eats the past couple days. She also does it when looking in the car seat mirror in the back of the car. Weirdo.

Awesome Stuff Ella is Doing:
E went to her first bar to see Uncle Mike. She is such a daddy's girl and has even started to say dada. I am pretending that she doesn't really know what it means, but she always says it a lot when Bobby gets home from work. Ugh.

Happy Hour at Red's and Top Golf! 

Monkey is a master sitter now! She finally decided that sitting is fun and has stopped lunging forward the moment her booty hit the ground. She is scooting all over the place and I think she will start crawling super soon.

My sweet face lovie bug

Oh my how she's grown!!

I have already started planning Ella's birthday party...is that weird?

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