Thursday, September 15, 2011

ELLA GROWS!! 4 Months!!

She is getting so big.  Make it stop!!  We had Ella's four month appointment this week and she is right on track.  Her three developmental milestones were reaching for objects, laughing and trying to roll over.  Now we have to work on rolling over, sitting with assistance, switching a toy from one hand to the other and making consonant sounds.  Bring on the "mama"!!

Ella's Stats:

Weight:  12.98 lbs      36th percentile
Height:  24.5 inches     61st percentile

Her growth has slowed down, but Dr. Terry said that she was not concerned. She is eating and sleeping perfectly.  We get to start rice cereal at 5 months and then veggies.  Hopefully the rice cereal will help with the amount of blowouts that this child has.  I didn't know something so little could poo so much!

Ella is going to bed at 8pm and waking up around 7am.  She takes 4 naps a day but is increasing her awake time between each nap.  I am trying to find new things to do to keep her entertained.  She loves to  sit in her stroller and walk around HomeGoods (Mommy likes that too), jump in her jumparoo, watch Chloe and Lola, sing songs and blow spit bubbles.  She especially loves when daddy sings rap songs to her.  Awesome. 

Here's a couple pictures from Month 4!

Ready to roll!

Ella and PoPo - her great grandfather

E snuggling with Uncle Austin

My sweet girl

Chewing on Sophie.  Best toy ever!

Zoe decided Ella needed a bow

Reesie decided Ella needed a hug.  Ha! 

We love this little girl so much and are so excited to see what month 5 will bring.  Hopefully less drooling.  :)

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