Sunday, May 20, 2012

ELLA GROWS!! 11 Months!!

This update is over a month old!  I started it weeks ago, but never pushed publish.  Since her 12 month update is due, we will just go with a bunch of pictures for Month 11. Ooops!  

I can't get over how sweet this baby is!  

She really just loves to eat.  Maybe that explains the collection of rolls on her arms and legs...

She still only has two, but her little vampire teeth are coming in!  I guess she decided to wait on the front middle teeth...

Awesome Stuff Ella is Doing:
Playing, Playing, Playing!!
Ella loves all of her little friends, even Chloe!!
Ella loves any kind of paper.  We are working on not eating the paper..  Here she is helping daddy with work and clipping coupons with mommy. 
YAY for the park!
Ella loves her Uncles and Auntie Bean!  
Ella has started snuggling her stuffed animals, but her house is still her favorite toy. 
Girlfriend has the best bedhead EVER!  I don't know when her hair will ever lay down flat, but everyone comments on it when we are out running errands and she eats up the attention.
Playing at the park. Cool hats make us look extra fancy!
I know I say it every month, but I can't believe she is almost one.  She has grown so much in the last year and its hard to remember how tiny she once was.  I love love love you doodle bug!

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  1. She's got the best personality - EVER. She and Knox must meet... never know between the two of them, they might eat us out of house and home.
    Happy Birthday, sweet girl!