Thursday, March 22, 2012

ELLA GROWS!! 10 Months!!

Holy crap she is TEN months old!

Ella is now terrified of the sock monkey for some reason.  I finally gave up and took some pictures after our third try. I figure I am trying to capture her little personality at this age and this definitely shows one side of her. She has two moods - happy and pissed. She is usually smiling and gibbering with the cats or something, but as soon as you take away her washcloth in the bathtub or tell her to stop eating the iPad cord, mean baby comes out. Thankfully, all you have to do is distract her with something shiny or loud and happy baby comes back.

Still just the bottom two little bunny teeth.  She likes to use them to chomp on mommy's fingers.

She is a chunky monkey and pretty much eats whatever I give her.  She doesn't like purees anymore, but she will eat applesauce and yogurt.  Her favorites are chicken, peas and blueberries.  She would eat an entire pint of blueberries if I let her.  She does a silly scrunch face when she eats, so we go back and forth making funny faces.  She is hilarious.
Awesome Stuff She is Doing:
- Standing
- Pulling Up
- Kissing
- Scooting
- Sleeping completely through the night!!
- Saying Mama and Dada
- Waving at everyone and everything while yelling HI!
- Pointing at everything

E has finally decided give up her 5am bottle! She is a great sleeper and loves her naps. Bedtime is at 7:15pm and she usually sleeps until 7:15am.  Naps are typically at 9:30am and 2pm.  We try to plan our activities around them because she isn't very flexible and gets very grumpy when she is sleepy. She has a lovie from Cousin DeeDee that she snuggles on her face as soon as she lays down.  I know she is done with her nap when she throws lovie and her paci out of the crib.

She is all over the place and puts everything in her mouth including dust bunnies and kitty litter.  So gross - I have to vacuum all the time!  She still likes to ride in the Baby Bjorn and wave and point to everything in Target. She loves when people stop and talk to her, especially other little kids. We have been spending Wednesday afternoons with a bunch of little friends and Ella is loving watching the bigger babies do cool stuff.  I really think she is picking up new tricks from them.

Reese and Ella are BFFs and they are too cute together.  Reesie loves to give Ella hugs and kisses and help her play with the big girl toys.
Ella and Chloe have a love/hate relationship.  Chloe loves to hang out with Ella when is she calm or eating, but as soon as Ella wants to play with her, she starts slapping Ella.  It's pretty funny, but Ella gets her feelings hurt and starts crying.  
E's favorite toy is definitely her play table.  She loves banging on all of the buttons and turning the page of the book.  Here's a bunch of pics of the busy bee playing this month.
I already purchased Ella's first birthday gift, but I opened it today and let her play with it!  It makes me so sad that she will be turning one in less than two months, but I am loving all of her new tricks.  She is growing so fast and her little personality just cracks me up! Momma loves you baby girl!

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