Sunday, March 18, 2012

Divine Consign

I might have just found my new favorite way to shop!  Whit, Amy and I hit up Divine Consign on Saturday night and put our bargain shopping skills to the test.  Here's a little look at what we were up against:
Add in a couple hundred crazy moms with wagons and Canton carts prepped for their massive haul and you have mommy consignment shopping at it's best!  I imagined it would be like Supermarket Sweep and we would all go running through the aisles when they let us in so I went ahead and started yelling and waving my arms when they opened the doors.  I don't think Whitney and Amy were embarrassed though.  Look how excited we were!
It really was fun digging for deals and I was super impressed with the organization of the whole event.  We are actually thinking about volunteering next time so that we can shop even earlier than the New Mom Presale.  I really wanted a Cozy Coupe car and some outside toys for Ella, but they were really picked over by the time we got there. My favorite purchase by far was this little wheely ladybug. It retails for $60 and I paid $15 for it! It looks brand new too!

 I also got a ton of great clothes for E - some with TAGS ON!  The most expensive thing was the striped Janie and Jack dress for $9.  The black and white dress was $2 and the little T-shirt was $1!!  Perfect play clothes for the summer.
Ella modeled some of her new outfits for me.  How sweet is that pink dress!  Its BabyGap for $7! 
You definitely have to pick through a ton of clothes to find a gem, but its a breeze thanks to the stellar organization.  I also bought some swim diapers for $2, a sun shade and a doll set that has a highchair, pack and play and a stroller.  Ella won't play with it for another 6 months or so, but for $10 I couldn't pass it up.  

We treated ourselves to some mommy juice and gossip after all of our hard work at the sale. It was a perfect night out for three crazy mommas!  I think Amy has already signed up up for the Just Between Friends sale in April...I need to get one of those Canton carts STAT!

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