Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ella's First Easter

We had a wonderful first Easter with the little bug! Holidays are so much more fun now that Ella can really enjoy the festivities and celebrate with everyone. We started off the weekend with an egg hunt with our MOPS group.  Ella and Reese are basically obsessed with each other, so they definitely had a good time. Reesie gave Ella her first bite of candy while I wasn't looking - I have a feeling Reese will be teaching Ella lots of things that she shouldn't.  Little toot!

We spent Sunday afternoon at Grammie and Pop's house.
Ella loved watching her bigger cousins play and even shared her toys with Isabella and Camden.  My mom hid puffs and yogurt melts for Ella and she insisted on opening them as soon as she found them.  Daddy was a very good hunting helper.
Everyone checking out their loot! Please don't judge my dad's love of yard art. Thankfully, you can't see his planet windmill or new chairs made out of wagon wheels on the side of the yard...

Ella crashed when we got home but popped up at 6:30am ready to play with her plastic eggs. I wonder how long she will carry those around for...I'm guessing at least two weeks!

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